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2-in-1 Thomas Leash

Our 2-in-1 leash comes with a pre-attached collar for easy usage and adjustable size.

At the end of the leash is a loop and it simply slips over the dogs head. Also called a 'Moxon' or Training Leash. 

This type of leash is especially for dogs, that don't really need a leash, but sometimes, like in a restaurant it's appropriate to quickly slip it on. 

We used the well-known Thomas-Design for this leash. With recycled t-shirt yarn from Java and coconut-yarn.

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Coconut yarn and recycled t-shirt yarn from a factory in Java. The Thomas leash follows the Thomas design, which was our very first design ever. Are you ready for some Bali Vibes? This super cool leash just made it onto our shelves.

The recycled t-shirt yarn comes from Java and is a waste product from a factory. To make the leash a bit more strong, we added coconut yarn as the middle layer.


Washing instructions: 

You can rinse the collar and leash with water and even let it soak a bit with some detergent. No machine washing nor tumble drying.

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