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We pride ourselves on creating the best quality dog products possible that are also made to last. 

Our hope is that our customers and their dogs can use our dog beds for years to come but we also understand that some dogs have sharp claws, like to chew things, maybe use their bed as a trampoline or try to dig their bones into it and our well-loved products may get damaged. 

As a brand focused on sustainability and reducing waste, we prefer that our customers repair their dog products instead of buying a new product and are happy to offer a dog bed repair service for customers located in Bali.

Need to repair your dog bed? 
Contact us and we will repair your dog bed free of charge and close the holes and stitch it back together.

How it works:
Send us a photo of your broken bed either via email to or Whatsapp to: +62 821-4599-7861 or use our contact form below.
Our team will assess the status and come back to you regarding the repair service and the process and waiting time.
You will need to send us the washed dogbed (only cover if no filling top op needed).

What is included? What is excluded?
Simple stitching and closing of holes is included and free of charge.

A broken zipper (due to quality issues) will be replaced aswell. If your dog ripped the zipper apart or chew on it, we won’t be able to exchange it free of charge. If you’d like us to exchange your zipper, we would come back to you with a price.

The handle is usually the first piece that is being torn apart by the pups. Just because it looks so yummie and playful for dogs. We can add a new handle with extra charge.

Filling TopUp:
We are offering a coconut filling top up free of charge. Please keep in mind, that it’s only a top up, but not a full filling.

Delivery charges:
In order to sustain our free of charge repair service, we won’t be able to cover the delivery fees to our shop/production and back to your place.
You can either drop the bed at our shop in Canggu, Babakan or our production in Kerobokan.

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